Hands on Training

Our Students here at the Hydro Lab work as a team setting up the drying equipment in our free standing flood house so that when they go back to their companies they have the best knowledge and understanding of how it needs to be setup in real life scenarios. Students also take daily readings and do daily moisture mapping in order to see where the structure is in the drying process.

The Newest Technology

Here at the Hydro Lab we have a variety of equipment (air movers, dehumidifiers, meters, etc.) for the students to tryout and use in order to see which piece of equipment they think works best. The Hydro Lab does not sell equipment, but we have every brand, make & model for the students to test out.

ASD Training Facility

Kurt and The Hydro Lab have built and developed 4 ASD Training Facilities in order to change with the industry. Our newest one is a 2400 sq. ft. free standing house with a basement.

Research & Development

Kurt and The Hydro Lab have been a part of numerous research projects in the industry. We were part of the SCRT Wet Study and Dr. Michael Berry's Mold Testing (Incubators). Kurt invented and developed a lot of the machines the industry uses to this day. Examples are : The Hydro X, The Vac Pac, The Hepa, a wall/hardwood drying system, and designed custom trailers for B-Air to haul drying equipment. He was also an author for Clean Fax Magazine for numerous years.

Welcome to Hydro-systems.com

The Hydro Lab is one of the leading Water Restoration Training Facilities in the Country with our state of the art classroom, hands on, free standing flood house, and expert advice in setting up, monitoring and tracking your equipment. Our corporate headquarters are located in Noblesville, Indiana, about 25 minutes north/east of Indianapolis.


If you have any questions please contact Kurt Bolden at (317)445-5843.

Harley and Quinn

Harley and Quinn
Come see our new babies! They are getting so big!