Company Bio

We are industry leaders in training with our state of the art classroom, hands on free standing house and different testing facilities. Our corporate headquarters are located in Noblesville, Indiana, about 35 minutes north/east of Indianapolis.

Our Rental service provides contractors with all of the industry proven equipment needed to complete even the largest jobs. We are here to serve you and we are dedicated to be the leader of resources and information to help you succeed.

The Hydro Lab is continually looking for ways to implement new technology for the mitigation contracting industry.  Many manufacturers have used the Hydro Lab as a testing facility and the students to help develop new products to the industry.  The Hydro Lab uses the tools available in the industry and test difficult drying conditions.  Whether it is a normal day, 100 degree heat, or a snow storm with minus degree temperatures, the Hydro Lab and its classes test and learn how to dry structures in a variety of conditions.

Through continual research and development, the Hydro Lab provides the mitigation contracting industry with news, information and testing results that augment the content of our training classes. The Hydro Lab has been used for multiple research projects over the years and continually opens the facility for research on virtually any project that the restoration industry would like to tackle.  Examples of studies and events held at the Hydro Lab are: Mold study by Dr. Berry, Sewage cleanup of Oriental Rugs by Rachel Adams and the SCRT, Summerfest, and a concrete course with over 100 attendees, vendors, manufacturers from all over the world attended.

About the founder
In 1999 Kurt Bolden invented and was awarded a US patent on the Xtreme Xtraction System. It revolutionized the water damage restoration industry. Kurt chose to manufacture and market the system himself. That effort immediately revealed how poorly informed and trained the industry was. Not only that, there seemed to be a lack of initiative to do something about it.

Always the innovator with the intention of making things better, Kurt invested about half a million dollars and built the Hydro Lab. After more than 10 years of operation, it is still this industry’s only state-of-the-art, scientifically-based research and training facility. Water damage certification classes (i.e. WRT and ASD) are held on a regular basis. Experiments with new drying techniques and extensive equipment performance testing are ongoing. Equipment comparison testing is performed by the Hydro Lab students so as to be completely unbiased.

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