Getting ahead in today’s fast paced market requires top quality tools and information. Hydro Lab has dedicated itself to help you succeed. From training your staff in knowledge and effectiveness to advertising your products in our giant Expo Center We have the resources and answers available to help.


  • Essco Corporation -Essco Corporation is the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) specialist.  Providing all the proper safety gear for the restoration contractor to meet all the OSHA guidelines and keep their employee’s safe.  Carrying a wide variety of items from respirators, safety glasses, hard hats, ear plugs and more, Essco specializes in the equipment and supplies needed for a safe restoration job.Located centrally in Indianapolis, IN enables Essco to distribute nationwide efficiently.  Besides the PPE equipment, Essco also sells the plastic, tape, disinfectant and a wide variety of other items needed for the mold, sewage or water damage contractor.  A constant supporter of the Hydro Lab has enabled Essco to effectively allow the students at the Hydro Lab to understand the need and uses of the variety of equipment needed and used on jobs.For more information on Essco Corporation please contact Doug Stemmler at dstemmler@esscoindy.com or view their website at www.esscoindy.com.


  • Benefect

    Benefect is the first and only Botanical Disinfectant. It is suitable for use around children, pets and the chemically sensitive. The patented technology is a broad spectrum hospital disinfectant made from plants. It’s about thyme!

    Sensible Life Products is a world recognized leader in next- generation botanical antimicrobial technology.  Our Active Ingredient is our highly specialized Thyme Oil that has been specially grown & blended to our exacting specifications which we have been advancing for almost 10 years now. Today, we are the largest purchaser of thyme oil in the world.

    Providing Disinfectant, Cleaners, and Hand Sanitizers, Benefect has the anwser to the restoration contractors safe cleaning technology.  For more information on the Benefect product and distributors please contact Bill Coy at bill@benefect.com or get more information on their products from their website at www.benefect.com.


  • Vaportek

    Simple solutions for tough odors.  Vaportek is your source for a wide range of innovative and ecologically sensitive odor neutralization and air treatment products. We use blends of 32+ natural essential oils – such as eucalyptus, pine, lemon, etc. Our systems do not utilize or create ozone!

    Since 1979, Vaportek has been manufacturing odor-neutralizing systems that provide safe, effective and convenient alternatives to ozone-generating equipment, foggers and sprays. To enhance the line, we manufacture complimentary passive and liquid odor-neutralizing products.

    We provide green and environmentally friendly solutions for:

    • Offensive smell and odor control problems, including smoke and musty odors.
    • Air treatment and deodorization of both residential and commercial locations.

    Why we’re unique:

    • Our proprietary membrane technology works safely and quickly, using natural oils to neutralize odors and enhance indoor environments.
    • Vaportek dry vapor systems do not use or create ozone, and contain no added alcohol, petroleum distillates, CFCs or harmful ingredients. These systems have been proven especially successful in the restoration/cleaning industry to quickly, safely and effectively remove odors.

    For additional information or specific inquiries, please contact Carol at 800-237-6367 or via email at carol@vaportek.com or visit their website for more information at www.vaportek.com.


  • Jon Don –  Founded by John and Nick Paolella in 1978, Jon-Don is a leading supplier of equipment and supplies for Disaster Restoration Contractors, Abatement Contractors, Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professionals, In-House Service Providers, Building Service Contractors, and Specialty Concrete Flooring Professionals.  Jon-Don is a leading distributor in a $23 billion industry, and is focused on partnering with its customers for mutual, long-term success.


  • GMS -GMS Distribution is a manufacturer of a unique residential distribution box especially designed for the restoration industry.  Working with restoration contractors for many years, Gerrett Stier decided to develop a compact, portable distribution box designed with the restorer in mind.  Gerrett has designed a 30 to 50 amp distribution box which uses the variety of range and dryer outlets in the residential market to supply power for the restorer when no other power is available.Please visit the website at www.gmsdist.com for more information on contact Gerrett Stier directly at 260-312-2736 or email at gmsdistribution@yahoo.com



  • Phoenix Restoration Equipment

    Phoenix Restoration Equipment provides the restoration professional with a complete line of drying equipment including LGR and desiccant dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, water extraction tools, portable heating and cooling systems, and metering devices.  Phoenix provides the most reliable and efficient equipment in the industry – giving you exactly what you need to dry fast, smart and profitably.

    With PROVEN™ performance and pioneering technology, Phoenix continues to revolutionize the Restoration Industry. Take a look at our latest drying products: the Phoenix FireBird HD308 Hydronic Diesel Heat Drying System; TX 80 and TX 200 Fan Coils; the “XXL” 270HTx LGR featuring automatic Bypass™ technology and the same sleek new stainless cabinet design as the 200HT; the Stackable CAM and CAM Pro – which stacks safely and securely up to 4 units high; and latest addition to our world-class LGR roto-mold line, the smallest, lightest, most portable LGRs – the Phoenix R125 and R150. Please visit us often at UsePhoenix.com to see what new and exciting products our innovative engineering experts have added to the Phoenix family of world-class restoration equipment or you may call use directly at 1-800-533-7533 or visit there website at www.usephoenix.com .


  •  Delmhorst Instrument Co. -Delmhorst Instrustment Co. has built a reputation for designing, manufacturing and marketing the highest quality moisture meters available today.  Founded in 1946, our commitment to product excellence and superior service began as a mission. Now it is our trademark.Since the beginning, Delmhorst has specialized in pin-type moisture meters that utilize the relationship between electrical resistance and moisture content of the material being tested.  Our products are continuously evolving with technological advances, but the same electrical resistance technology still resides at the core of each meter, providing consistent, accurate readings.

    In recent years, we have developed non-destructive, pin-less meters, which use capacitance technology to measure moisture content.  Using both pin and pin-less meters gives the most complete picture of moisture content, so we have also deveolped combination meters which employ both technologies.

    Delmhorst closely follows developments in the restoration industry, and listens to customer suggestions when designing new products.  The Navigator Pro is a 3-in-1 pin/pin-less meter with thermo-hygrometer attachment, featuring the ability to store and map moisture readings, which is extremely useful for restoration contractors on a drying job.

    For those who prefer having a separate meters to one combination meter, the new HT-4000 thermo-hygrometer is the perfect solution.  The fast acting sensor is great for measuring temperature and humidity as well calculating GPP, Dewpoint and Vapor Pressure.

    For more information on our full assorment of meters contact us via email at info@delmhorst.com or visit our website at  www.delmhorst.com.   Our experienced customer service team is also ready to answer any questions you have, just call 877-DELMHORST (334-6467).



  • MacAllister Power Systems & Lex Products 

    Providing power to the restoration job is MacAllister Power System main goal.  If you have no power, then you are unable to dry a structure.  MacAllister Power Systems is you power and temperature control rental and supplier to call.  MacAllister has a large fleet of generators ranging from 20kw to 2000kw.  They also have available the electrical distribution cable available thru the Lex Product line.  A rental agent and distributor of Lex Products, MacAllister has the ability to supply power to any job from a small residential home to a large multi-story commercial building.

    For more information on MacAllister’s capabilities contact Thom Woodward at thomwoodward@macallister.com and visit their website at www.macallisterpowersystems.com/322/rental.htm.



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