Hi-Tech Drying

  • Use & understand different types of meters and deep penetration moisture detection methods (pins/screws) to find ALL of the wet structural materials.
  • How to solve problems!  How do you determine how much power is available to ensure the maximum amount of equipment can be used and prevent power losses?  How do splitter boxes provide more power?  Use Load-Online Meter!
  • Do you struggle with drying concrete?  What moisture content is considered to be acceptable and how can it be measured accurately?  Calcium chloride v RH?
  • Comparison of calculating initial dehumidification requirements using CFM vs Pints (per the S500).  What is the most accurate method?
  • How many BTU’s is required to heat a structure for fastest drying?  Understand enthalpy and how to use it to dry structure.
  • Project Management:  How do you track jobs from the initial phone call through collections?  What documentation should be completed on EVERY loss to reduce liability?
  • War Board:  Stop Loosing Drying Equipment?  How to track all of your equipment and efficiently manage each loss to give maximum profit?  How to Justify Billing 11 days of Rental in 7 days!
  • Estimating:  How to provide your client with an accurate drying estimate before you leave on day 1.  Can your competition compete?
  • Common myths of structural drying.  Know the TRUTH to help you make decisions!
  • Crawlspace, positive / negative pressures, 20′ walls / double sided drywall with long stainless rod monitoring.
  • Has hands on use of “Commercial” size splitter boxes to demo and use.
  • Students are allowed to actually drill into concrete in our warehouse and install multiple manufacturer’s meters.
  • Functioning manual equipment tracking – see warehouse and inventory tags as well as INVISITAG System.

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