Drying Equipment Rental Terms & Conditions

Hydro Lab Training & Equipment Rental, LLC

224 Riverwood Drive, Noblesville, IN 46062 

Office: 317.776.8787

Fax: 317.773.8885

Terms of Rental

Hydro Lab Training & Equipment Rental, LLC offers a credit plan of 30 days to qualified contractors. To qualify you must complete a Rental Agreement and agree to Terms of Rental.

If at any time any of the agreements are not met or followed:

1) Hydro Lab Training & Equipment Rental, LLC may dismiss your credit at any time.

2) Future rentals will become COD with a minimum charge of 3 days rental.

3) Weekly or discount rates will not be available for past due invoice(s) or future rentals, until determined by Hydro Lab Training & Equipment Rental, LLC.

If invoice is not paid in full within 30 days, the applicant will be liable for all of the following charges;

1) At 30 days the credit card we were given at time of rental (for delivery or on file) will be run for the full amount of the invoice. If card is declined – see #2 – #5 in this section

2) All discounts are voided and will be added back into invoice.

3) Interest at 2% per month beginning 30 days from the date of the invoice.

4) All costs and expenses incurred by Hydro Lab Training & Equipment Rental, LLC for collections, including but not limited to attorney fees and court costs.

5) All court proceedings will be held in Noblesville, IN


1) Agreement of Credit Terms & Rental Agreement are completed, signed and returned to Hydro Lab Training & Equipment Rental, LLC (both forms should be completed & signed by the same authorized person)

2) Delivery is $3.50 per mile (“one way charge only”) and is collected at time of equipment delivery. A fee of $300.00 plus $1.00 per rental unit will be charged if a Hydro Lab Training & Equipment Rental, LLC employee unloads and / or loads equipment with no assistance from rental client.

3) A credit card number is required prior to delivery; cash deposit upon delivery may be requested of first-time renters, this may be waived with pre-approved credit application.

4) A deposit of the first day’s rental may be required at time of delivery.

5) Outside of Indiana, please call to find out the minimum order needed for your area.

6) Most equipment is rented by “quantity amount” only and on a weekly basis for at least 1 week (quantity amount based on the area we are delivering to.)

7) Any equipment not available for pick up at time of pick up will continue to be charged for.

8) Any equipment not returned due to lose or damage will be charged the rental rate plus replacement charge for new equipment plus shipping charges. Rental will be charged until the new comparable equipment is received.

9) Any equipment that is not working must have a Faulty Equipment form completed, fax immediately and equipment must be tagged to receive credit.

10) Any equipment returned dirty will be charged $10.00 per unit for cleaning to credit card on file.

The above CREDIT TERMS – PRICING & PROCEEDURES remain in effect until changed by Hydro Lab Training & Equipment Rental, LLC. Any deviations in the terms must be in writing by an authorized acting agent of Hydro Lab Training & Equipment Rental, LLC

I understand and will abide by the written rules and conditions above.

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Company Bank Name: ___________________________________

Address: ___________________________________

Visa or MC Credit Card

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